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I write a lot of python, javascript, c, assembly, java, and can probably read your email with or without your permission. You're boring though (thanks lala), so don't worry, I wont.  ;-)



I'm a geek who grew up in LA. I hack stuff and I run my mouth a lot. I love being the first at something, but in a pinch I will settle for being best. I'm passionate about the things I do and I really have high expectations from myself.

I've run and built a few companies, some have been AMAZING and some have gotten me into trouble. But the lessons learned from the mistakes one makes seems to help you make fewer of them.

I love building real things with my hands and right now I have a penchant for building something on top of Google Glass.

Before all this fancy future stuff, I was/am CTO for this advertising innovator DemandMagic

Before that, I was doing hacking on the iPhone

Before that, hacking on interesting things in poker

Did I mention I love to hack? 

So, that's me Chris. I take pictures of my food (instagram).

I write short sentences here (tweet tweet).