And so it begins, this is the first of what should be many. 

 The idea was simple, be the first guy to put a video recorded from a pair of google glass onto instagram! But with no api, no native app, not being an engineer at either google nor facebook one is left to take matters into their own hands. This idea had come to me a bit ago, wouldn't it be nice to make an instaglass moment!

To do this I had to figure out how instagram deals with video, what is actually going on behind the scenes and see if maybe, it would be possible to replicate it somehow. Turns out I found out how.

The process was going to be a 5 step process and it would consist of man-in-the-middling the instagram upload. So first I needed to get the video into the right format, cropped square and ready for action, and then create the scenario to hand that video to instagram.

Sitting down to actually start the hack, at this point everything was still theoretical. Here is a photo of me starting the process.


The one thing that can solve most of our problems is dancing.
— James Brown

Taking the wisdom of the Godfather of Soul, I then selected one of my silly glass videos, a dance number had between a lovely swedish woman. So, I took that video and having dumped it from glass ran it through iMovie to cut it to the time size and added some intro titles and exit titles, added some silly tunes and BAM I was ready to start the next process. Spoofing the upload to instagram.

Techwise, it consisted of replacing the device temporary files that were cashed to disk and re-kicking off the upload. I wrote a friendly daemon that does this. But since I've packet inspected the traffic and am making a more native solution, still though I need to have the device do it.


And what does winning on the internet look like?  #this