WTF is wrong with [insert nationality here]

See, I live in [insert country here] and I'm going to take a few moments and maybe even build a clever graphic that indicates how much [insert other place] is better. You see, [those guys] have got this problem that [these guys] do not.  Exploring that problem on a surface level is going to be is the subject of this rant!

[Those guys] over there are silly, you see we solved the problem that they are facing many many years ago. Our solution is the right solution and we're flabbergasted that [those guys] over there don't get it! Crazy people from [insert nation]!

Yeah, see the problem, if they just bothered to look around at the rest of the world would seem wildly obvious to any reasonable person, why can't their elected leaders see that? But that's what's wrong with those guys from [insert country here] they elect their [insert leadership title here] based on fears, distributed though [insert media outlet] and their populace just laps it up, goes to the voting booths and perpetuates the cycle.

See, we've better than that I mean afterall we're [insert descriptive national title]!

So, right now, I'm going to cherry pick some interesting facts that lay out the case for why we're better.

In 2010 [insert nation] spent [insert big number] on [insert stupid idea] alone!

[Those guys] did this [insert other thing] that really ran afoul of [these guys]!

[Insert nation] has systemically always been behind [other nation] in [insert sport or school of thought] 

We're not that stupid, remember, we're [insert nation] ! 

But [those guys] aren't all bad, after all they did give us [insert nice thing those guys make]

All that noise aside, I am so glad I can say that  [insert nation] is the best damn place in the whole wide world! Glad to call myself an [insert national title]!