7 weeks in Sweden - A mini rebootcamp for life.

In military circles BCT or basic combat training is the first 10 weeks of an american soldiers life. Depending on military branch of service, (ooohrah you marines) it goes a bit longer. But nevertheless, there is a set period for a time when for that young soldier, nothing in his or her world will make any sense, life will be dictated to them, to instill in them the lessons needed for the upcoming tasks at hand. Generally, they've made this decision voluntarily (Sweden stopped compulsory military service in 2010) but for many that is one of the last free decisions they will make for a period of time.

7 weeks was the time I spent on an engineering mission while I also took the time to regather some persecutive. Choice is a funny thing, too much choice and you're left stuck in indecision; too little, you're angry. Life seems to run best in a state of balance. When I am in a space of that sort, I find it best to get lost in solving a problem.

That decision to go to Sweden changed me.

The big news is that I am putting the engineering team of my new company in Malmö and accelerating the life plan of spending half the year stateside, and the other half in Sweden. Being a multi-continent citizen is something I have wanted as a part of my life for quite sometime, rather than continuing to have it as some distant dream. I might as well flex my "do muscle" and make a go of it. Historically, these sorts of scenarios have worked out very well for me. While my first trip back will be longer than 6 months, I have to get a house, start the Swedish company, open bank accounts, but first I must get permitted to work there. All of these are surmountable goals. I've already began the process of cultivating a strong network of supporters and possible colleagues, started to connect with the entrepreneurial and software engineering groups, and slowly but surly things are falling into place. The current task at hand is to show some of the advancements that were made while I was in Malmö, raise some capital, and go back. The plan is to return to Malmö by years end.

The only constant is change. 

I did not go to Sweden with this plan in mind, but an awesome plan was forged out of being open to the changes that were present. So the current mission is to cleanup the nascent things that I have remaining here in the states and get back to building this new chapter in a distant land. The growing I've found myself into has been wonderful, really awesome to be in a place where you can actually feel the un-comfortability of unfamiliar processes and scenarios. My brain is actually thinking again, it's forced to, and that is wonderful.